03rd June , 2019
Acting, Kids

This week at FTSA Kids

This week at First Take School of Acting Kids we have been busy and we had a great lesson on Sunday. We are working towards our showcase so we are focussing on more performing within the classes to help the children gain confidence when performing. We also have been working on letting the students improvise and this allows them to use their imagination and have fun in the classes as well as learn. We put the students into groups to get to know each other more but also to get used to supporting each other and in our classes we encourage this. We feel like this is incredibly important here, not only in the Kids classes but the Adult classes at First Take School of Acting. We encourage positivity and team work within our classes.

” Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”   – Helen Keller

Feedback from the students is important to us at First Take School of Acting Kids and this week we decided to ask some of our students what they think of the classes.

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