09th May , 2019
Acting, Kids

This week at FTSA Kids

This week at First Take School of Acting Kids we have been busy with our new curriculum and we had a great lesson on Sunday.  This involved warm up games and acting using improvisation. Its great how we can get the kids to use their imagination when performing. We also award our students with ‘STAR OF THE WEEK’ this encourages students to be rewarded for the hard work they have done each lesson.

We are extremely proud of our students and we pride ourselves at FTSA Kids on us knowing each child and therefore can see how they have individually progressed.

Also this week we had our video back from our hugely successful Open Day in April at The Sharp Project. We had over 60 children attend alongside special guests Kym Marsh (Coronation Street) Anthony Quinlan (Emmerdale) Jacob Roberts (Hollyoaks) and Layton Blake (4 o Clock Club)

Each of our guests chatted to the children about what it is like in the acting industry and their first steps into the acting world.

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