Welcome to First Take School of Acting – one of the UK’s leading TV Acting Schools!

Founded by Jamie Lomas and Simone Clark, First Take School of Acting brings professional acting training for all ages and all skill levels. Based in Manchester, we combine traditional acting methods with state-of-the-art equipment providing a bespoke and innovative approach to actor tuition.

Whether you have previous acting experience or are a complete novice, First Take School of Acting will help you develop your skills through an exploration of various acting methods all tailored to the area of screen acting. From script analysis and character development through to audition process and finding an agent, enrol now and get your career off to a flying start! Our Adult acting classes run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Our Kids Acting classes run Wednesday & Sunday. Contact us now to enquire about enrolling.

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What Our Clients Say

"One of the best acting schools in the country! Anthony is incredible at allowing his Students to be free and explore their craft in their own individual way. He's bursting with creativity and it rubs off tenfold on his Students. Not only has he helped to enhance my skills as an actor, but also offered invaluable career and life advice along the way"
Miles Higson
Coronation Street/ITV, Hollyoaks/Lime Pictures & Cucumber/Banana/ Red Productions for Channel 4
"First Take run vibrant and exciting classes, which, while carefully structured, allow actors the freedom of creativity. Jamie and Anthony are open and generous with their knowledge and their enthusiasm is incredibly motivating. The tutors are skilled in identifying and nurturing individual actors in this group setting and keeping us all on our toes, regardless of experience. A colourful and exciting part of my week! And an essential part of my acting career development."
Siri Ellis
The A Word/BBC, Emmerdale/ITV & Hollyoaks/Lime Pictures
"Everything that I have learned, I have learned from Jamie. Joining First Take School Of Acting was the BEST decision I ever made!."
Jacob Roberts
Hollyoaks/Lime Pictures
Where do I begin with Anthony Crank? At the beginning of one of his classes you have the feeling of not knowing whether you are going to love or hate the class, the reality of that being, whatever you end up doing Anthony pushes you hard to your ABSOLUTE limit to make you improve not only as an actor but as a person. And that is what acting is about. “People’. He’s an improvisational genius.
Brian Fletcher
Peterloo – Mike Leigh, Three Girls/Cradle To The Grave/The Passing Bells – BBC, National Treasure – C4, Home Fires/Vera – ITV
I had an audition very last minute and I needed two contrasting monologues to learn and perform. I emailed Anthony and not only was he incredibly supportive and helpful in finding me them he also fitted me in for a one to one session the following day. Nothing is too much trouble with Anthony he really cares and wants you to succeed. I was incredibly nervous as this was my first audition in about 7 years and he totally made me believe in myself and put me at ease. He made me see the scripts in a totally different manner to which I had first read them and it made so much more sense and made my ability to memorise, act and perform them so much better. I learnt a lot in just that one hour and it was incredibly valuable and something which I would not hesitate to do again. I would highly recommend one to one sessions with Anthony and hope I can do more in the future with him.
Clare Irving
I’ll tell anyone who stands still long enough, Anthony was the one who kick-started my passion and conviction to go after a career in screen acting and made it an achievable goal. Having been his student from 14-20 years old, Anthony nurtured and witnessed and was a huge part of the entire process, from me landing my first gig on Corrie, every job since and supporting me the first time I was between contracts and felt lost. I owe him everything from a brew to a bear hug and back again.
Amy James Kelly
SAFE/Netflix, Gentleman Jack / HBO & BBC, Coronation Street/ITV, Jericho/ITV

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